About Ascend

Ascend is Colorado’s online system to support implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Ascend will be used statewide by teams of educators, service providers, and families to develop and implement Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs). Ascend makes individualized planning easy by:

  • Focusing attention on the student
  • Simplifying processes and streamlining the use of data
  • Providing tools that improve decision making and individualization
  • Facilitating team member communication and collaboration
CO Ascend screen example

Additional System Features

The Ascend Colorado system is designed to support the work of teams providing individualized services to learners with disabilities.

system integration
System Integration

Connect with other education systems like Data Pipeline and local Student Information Systems.

family portal
Family Portal

Improve communication and engagement with families through our secure Family Portal.


Streamline child find by collecting referrals from families, educators, and public providers.

user friendly

User Friendly

Clean, simple presentation makes it easy to build your IEP.

flexible navigation

Flexible Navigation

Complete your work in the order that is best for your organizational style.



Required elements of the IEP are embedded into the system to make compliance easy.