Who is AnLar?

Our Approach

AnLar focuses on education reform efforts at the district, state, and national level, providing distinct services to agencies to support their needs. AnLar strongly believes in the balance of focus on content expertise and experience, combined with robust and modernized data systems. AnLar’s five core service areas are technical assistance (TA), Information Technology (IT) data systems, research and evaluation, communication and design, and government process improvement. 

AnLar, LLC, and SPEDSIS, LLC were formerly owned by the same parent company, AnLar Group, LLC. All staff, resources, primary office address, HR systems, and other company assets were jointly shared. In fall 2019, SPEDSIS merged into AnLar, becoming one company. All former SPEDSIS clients have transitioned to AnLar. Descriptions of past and current company performance incorporate performance and experience for SPEDSIS and AnLar as simply AnLar.

AnLar is well prepared to design and build Ascend Colorado, the IT System for IEP and ALP development, and DMS systems for IEP, Gifted, and Federal Programs. AnLar is fully dedicated to assisting states as they build data systems that help collect, process, report, and use their data as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team works directly with over 30 states providing technical assistance, state education agency leadership, data system design and development, and a myriad of other supports for the needs that face programs that serve students and families. We pride ourselves on providing long-standing assistance to state agencies in the development and deployment of specifically-engineered custom data solutions to meet each agency’s individual needs and are excited about this opportunity to apply our experience to data systems that meet the needs of Colorado educators and administrators.

AnLar Projects Across the Country

AnLar Project States

The AnLar team focus will be on building Ascend Colorado as a customized and easy-to-use IT System around Colorado processes (rather than forcing teams into a prefabricated system). This approach is possible because of our experienced IT developers, content experts, and project management staff that have significant experience with building customized solutions for public agencies and private industry. From project management and IT design to knowledge of program requirements, from coding and testing to maintenance and training, our AnLar team will support all aspects of the Ascend Colorado project.

Our Experience

Below we present selected projects that highlight AnLar’s successful implementation of innovative and specialized data systems for educational agencies. These examples demonstrate our ability to develop software systems that facilitate individualized planning and data management that support real-time reporting and monitoring of accountability outcomes. 

Iowa Department of Education Statewide IFSP/IEP System
(June 2019–Present)

AnLar was the highest-scoring applicant for the Iowa Department of Education’s (IDE) request for proposals for a statewide IFSP/IEP system. The IDE was looking for a system that balanced the need for compliance with attention on improving outcomes for children and youth.

The IDE scored the AnLar proposal the highest based on three primary reasons: 

  1. The innovative vision of our response and how it focuses the system on improving outcomes, not just compliance
  2. Project leadership with a proven record of successfully implementing data systems and software designed around team processes
  3. The culture of partnership and project communication that AnLar provides to its clients. 

This project is on schedule for release in the summer of 2021.

Texas Education Agency Special Education Monitoring System
(June 2019–Present)

In 2019 AnLar began partnering with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to design a system that focuses on continuous improvement and incorporates an emphasis on a data-driven, systematic approach to compliance, as well as improvement of outcomes for students with disabilities. The TEA monitoring system is based on the concept that monitoring is an ongoing process, rather than episodic procedural compliance monitoring. The focus is on active strategic planning and continuous improvement within the framework of compliance and student results.

AnLar is using a phased approach for this work to ensure success with the efforts to install a modernized Results Driven Accountability system in the state. The phases are as follows:

Ascend TX - Laptop - Dashboard

Phase 1: Conduct information gathering and stakeholder engagement.

Phase 2: Partner with TEA for process design and development reforms.

Phase 3: Develop a customized IT compliance and monitoring system for TEA.

Phase 4: Train and support TEA with the implementation and ensure sustainability for all processes.

The end result of this 4-phased approach will be a holistic monitoring system that includes qualitative and quantitative factors, compliance and results indicators, and meaningful feedback to LEAs. AnLar is excited to support TEA in developing and implementing one of the country’s most innovative compliance monitoring systems. The system will serve as a one-stop-shop for the state to collect, review, analyze, and report special education monitoring and dispute resolution data. The system will provide a number of existing efficiencies and time-saving features, both for LEAs and TEA, creating a location for all of the special education monitoring and dispute resolution data in one place.